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QOLAC Business in Africa

QOLAC Africa, a subsidiary of QOLAC was established in 2018 with QOLAC products and services. QOLAC Africa has an extensive presence in the continent, with subsidiaries across 12 countries: South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Nigeria, Malawi, Uganda, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

QOLAC Business in Africa

1. QOLAC was set up in 2018, primarily for the import of vehicles, marketing and after-sales service.
2. QOLAC Software Services provides IT services and business solutions to business and government establishments in South Africa and the region.
3. QOLAC Food & Beverages' which is provide tea in the South African tea market.

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QOLAC is a multinational conglomerate with a view to build a long-term sustainable business well-organized, hard-working, thoroughly prepared, positive, enthusiastic, and intensely focused on serving our customers better than anyone else can.

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