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By Saimon

Aug 24, 2019

Retail organizations are leaving money on the table each year by not offering customers and employees a highly individualized, Omni Channel experience. Retail managers estimate that if their organization could achieve this in terms of content presented, products available, and services offered, they would earn an additional profit on annual revenue. To put this into perspective and real dollars, for a low revenue company, this translates to higher revenue in a year. Not getting their Omnichannel operations right means retailers will most certainly lose out on revenue-generating opportunities.

A big number of retailers said they have armed their store employees with mobile technology, and other retailers plan to.

Not long ago the in-store experience was a transnational exchange. Consumers would walk into a store, and buy what they wanted. If the goods or inventory was not in a retail store, options were limited by distance, choice, and benefit. Today's consumer views the shopping experience is more complicated and the market is also competitive than ever. The in-store experience requires to be engaging, as increased consumer expectations require retailers and business owners to have visibility of goods across the market. A big number of shoppers have given up on an in-store purchase because of poor customer service. Nearly several customers have walked out of a store because the staff couldn't answer their questions and some have given up due to lack of choice or availability.

QOLAC POS system blurs the line between the digital and physical worlds. By empowering the small business with Point of Sales POS Software and visibility to real-time inventory, purchase history, online browsing, and cart abandons, employees can not only save the sale with endless aisle capabilities but they can also increase shopping basket size and same-store sales with Point of Sales POS. finally, small business owners must create an efficient checkout process for their respective customers, minimize wait times, and increase productivity to reduce operational costs and support their small business across all targeted markets.

Accept customers' growing range of preferred payment types quickly find and hand over click and collect orders accurately answer shoppers' questions on any product make recommendations for customers based on their purchasing history and requirements. Small Business associates from the cash wrap and allows them to deliver a higher level of customer service from front of the small business house to the dressing room.

A big number of retailers said they have armed their store employees with mobile technology, and other retailers plan to. Cloud-based Point of Sales POS Software allows small business to transact and interact as retailers choose: Using a traditional register, portable solution, and tablet or handheld is a point of service. However, these experiences are not specific to just one form factor-providing best quality customer service is a small business best differentiator. To drive more customers' engagement small businesses require the flexibility customer can choose the form that best suits their requirements.

Critical Components of QOLAC Point of Sales (POS) Benefits:

  • Remove base-code modification requirements and reduce implementation time and cost
  • Reduce associate ramp-up time and errors
  • Accelerate transactions and improve customer service
  • Save the sale cost for your small business and improve customer satisfaction with endless aisle order fulfillment
  • Optimize sales logistics for best margin and customer preference

QOLAC POS Feature:

  • Purpose-built for retail
  • Intuitive touch screen UI
  • Multiple form factors (desktop, tablet, Android/IOS)
  • Customer purchase history, online browsing, and cart-abandon data
  • Real-time inventory data
  • Intelligent order routing

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Today's customers do not think in terms of channels; they simply think in terms of their shopping experience at the small business house. However that experience is traditional cash and carry, buy online and pick up in-store, buy online and return in-store, or buy in-store and ship at doorstep, for small businesses the focus should be on relevance, convenience, and best customer service. Convergence is key; mix your respective customers' digital journey with their traditional shopping experience to win in both worlds. Order management and customer engagement solutions are essential for small businesses to deliver a new experience to their respective custom that bridges gaps between online and traditional Point of Sales POS Software functionality to give a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

Retailers that build out their Omnichannel suites face the challenges of selecting all the components themselves, the costs of integration, and the human resources. The result is a lengthy and costly integration.

Discover how you can satisfy customer expectations and simultaneously protect profit margins with an integrated Omnichannel suite Request for QOLAC Point of Sales (POS) demo.

Speeding Time to Market and Simplifying Information Technology some retailers believe there is an important link between cloud-based IT solutions and their organization's ability to deliver individualized employee and customer experiences. To finish this, many small businesses are seeking a cloud-based strategy to meet employee and customer requirements. QOLAC offers to small business Point of sales (POS) Software at flexible pricing click here for request a free demo. You can find the login page by clicking here.

Cloud-based Point of Sales POS Software removes the burden of software installation, monitoring, patching, and upgrading, freeing Information Technology resources to perform more value-added tasks and allowing small businesses to focus on their business processes and innovation.

The key reasons retailers prefer integrated cloud applications include:

  • Speed to best value: Quick deployment gives small businesses innovate faster and provides the flexibility to implement change when the market requires it.
  • Get the newest and greatest features: Seamlessly take application updates, upgrades, and new functionality quickly they are ready. Your team can start using the new features right away to make better, more informed business decisions.
  • Flexibility for users and the business: Easy to create and maintain flexibility by quickly getting users up and running, turning on modules or components that weren't part of your original deployment, or adding another application.
  • Cut your application costs: Significantly lower the percentage of your business unit's budget that's devoted to IT spending, which means you can invest in other areas while still using up-to-date, fully functional, secure business applications.
  • United across the small business: Optimized to work together: small business enjoy the consistency of information, insights, and the eye-catching user interface.

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