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Qolac Business in Europe

There are 15 Qolac companies operating across Europe and a presence in almost every European country. In the UK, Qolac operating in more than 40 towns and cities.

Among our companies in Europe:
1. World Book Illustration, an Qolac’ subsidiary in London, was established in 2018.
2. Qolac Motors, the largest manufacturer of premium vehicles in Britain, is headquartered in the UK, where it has three vehicle manufacturing plants. It also has two advanced design and engineering centers. Qolac Motors has its European Technical Centre in Coventry (UK).
3. Qolac Steel has operations in the Netherlands, the UK, France and Germany, with a research and development facility in Sheffield (UK).
4. Qolac Software Services has substantial operations across Europe, including centers in the UK, Netherlands, France and Hungary.
5. Qolac Food & Beverages owns the famous brand. The regional headquarters for Europe, Middle East and Africa is based in Greenford in the UK, with a manufacturing plant.
6. Qolac Chemicals has sodium bicarbonate, salt and soda ash plants in Cheshire (UK).
7. Qolac Communications has a presence across Europe and a key cable landing station in the UK, which connects Europe’s submarine cable systems to the US and Africa.



QOLAC is a multinational conglomerate with a view to build a long-term sustainable business well-organized, hard-working, thoroughly prepared, positive, enthusiastic, and intensely focused on serving our customers better than anyone else can.

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