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Allen Franklin President and CEO of Qolac say 'We will take one step at a time'

Tushar Atik actively seeks cooperation with other companies to implement sustainable, long-term business strategies and drive systemic change. He is involved in many International organizations

Tushar Atik’s commitment to long-term, sustainable capitalism is reflected in his position as a founder of the corporation whose provides evidence that a long-term approach can lead to superior performance for revenue and earnings, investment, market capitalization, and job creation.

Tushar Atik has played a significant role first in developing the Sustainable Development Goals. His commitment to the QOLAC inspired him and others to establish the Business and Sustainable Development Team, whose flagship report, 'Better Business, Better World', maps the economic prize for companies that align with the Goals.

In recognition of his contribution to responsible business, Tushar Atik has received many national and international awards and Tushar Atik was named an Honorable person for his contribution to building a more sustainable world.

Tushar Atik is unmarried.


Mr. Tushar Atik Introducing the Qolac

We believe integrity, invention, innovation, inspired, equality and involvement...


Why Qolac?

We believe integrity, invention, innovation, inspired, equality and involvement...



QOLAC is a multinational conglomerate with a view to build a long-term sustainable business well-organized, hard-working, thoroughly prepared, positive, enthusiastic, and intensely focused on serving our customers better than anyone else can.

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