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Our strategy //

We’ve built a strategy to help us achieve our purpose of making a unique platform. Our strategic focus to realize our vision we have invested in a long-term strategy of categories and brands that deliver growth to the benefit of all stakeholders.


    Growing the business

  • Sales
  • Margin
  • Capital efficiency

    Enhancing livelihoods

  • Opportunities for women
  • Inclusive business

    Reducing environmental impact

  • Greenhouses gases
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Sustainable sourcing

Our long-term strategic choices

    Portfolio choices

  • Category choices
  • Active portfolio management
  • Building a Prestige business

    Brands and innovation

  • A focused approach to innovation
  • Driving efficiency and margins
  • Increased investment in digital marketing

    Market development

  • Routes to market
  • Emerging markets
  • E-commerce

    Agility and cost

  • Zero-based budgeting
  • Manufacturing base and overheads
  • Leveraging scale


  • Attracting talent
  • Developing talent
  • Values-led and empowered



We deliver consistency in underlying sales growth, core operating margin and free cash flow by continuously investing in our supply chain, our brands and marketing, our people and IT.


By investing in innovation we can grow our market share while also seeking to enter new markets and new segments.


We seek continuous improvement in our manufacturing to drive cost savings and higher returns, providing extra fuel for growth as cash is redeployed in new strategic opportunities.


Growth that’s responsible involves having a positive social impact and reduced environmental footprint and enhancing our reputation.

Our business model

QOLAC believes profitable growth should also be responsible growth. That approach lies at the heart of our business model. It guides our approach to how we do business and how we meet the growing consumer demand for brands that act responsibly in a world of finite resources.

Our business model begins with consumer insight that informs brand innovation, often with partners in our supply chain, to create products we take to market supported by marketing and advertising across a range of distribution channels.

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QOLAC is a multinational conglomerate with a view to build a long-term sustainable business well-organized, hard-working, thoroughly prepared, positive, enthusiastic, and intensely focused on serving our customers better than anyone else can.

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