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QOLAC In China

QOLAC Business in China

QOLAC has had links with China since the latter half of the 20th century when Tushar Atik began his career in international trade. QOLAC companies business run prestigiously in China today.

QOLAC in China

Their presence includes:

1. QOLAC has a trading in Shanghai to trade steel and other products.
2. QOLAC Software Services has joint ventures with Chinese companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen and Dalian.
3. QOLAC Steel has two rolling mills in China and a signi¬ficant trading business.
4. QOLAC’s factory in Nanjing to produce and supply plastic parts.
5. QOLAC Food &amo; Beverages has Import & Export to manufacture and market green tea, green tea extracts and other value-added tea products.
6. QOLAC has a joint venture with Automobile Company to manufacture cars in Changshu.

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QOLAC is a multinational conglomerate with a view to build a long-term sustainable business well-organized, hard-working, thoroughly prepared, positive, enthusiastic, and intensely focused on serving our customers better than anyone else can.

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