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Our global stakeholder network consists of the people our operations impact and those who influence our activities.  
Stakeholder meetings, workshops and other events help us deepen dialogue and develop our understanding of important societal issues. The interaction helps our teams build their capabilities, facilitates collective action and promotes trust and mutual respect.



Suppliers are people or businesses who sell goods to QOLAC and rely on us for revenue from the sale of those goods.

In addition to looking out for their own revenue generation, suppliers are also often concerned with safety, since their products can directly impact our business operations.


Owner stakeholders are the owners of QOLAC. They supply capital or equity and have a say in how everything runs. There are multiple owners at QOLAC, and each owner would have equity in our business.


Investors also include owners but some of them are outside vendors who typically have a right to accurate and timely information such as regular financial statements. In some cases, investors have the right to approve or reject major decisions like mergers and acquisitions.

An investor does more than just bring us funding to pursue projects that help our business grow. They also can:

  • Contribute ideas and give us advice
    Bring connections
    Motivate us
    Help promote and improve our business image