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Delivering Atiqo's goal of growing our business while reducing our environmental footprint and improving our social positive impact, is not something we can achieve on our own. Every day, we work with thousands of suppliers who are helping us achieve success in the 190 countries where our products are sold. The fantastic suppliers we work with help us innovate, create value, capacity and capability, deliver quality and service and drive market transformation with responsible.

We're determined to work with the very best suppliers across all our Categories and supply chain in a way that's responsible and an exemplar of integrity. But that's a two-way street, and in return, we expect the very highest standards from our suppliers. We believe in challenging, but fair relationships, open, honest and built on trust - we know that we only want to work with supply partners who share our values.

The market is ever-changing, and we're determined to be industry leaders. To achieve that, we rely on superb suppliers. Let's work together: let's make it happen.

Let's work together

Innovation partners

A significant portion of our growth will come from innovation, delivering leading-edge products into the marketplace. We anticipate that around 70% of our innovations are linked to working with our strategic suppliers. That's why we invest in mutually-beneficial relationships with our key suppliers so we can share capabilities and co-innovate for shared growth.

With some of our more strategic suppliers, we nurture open relationships, with our research and development teams working with theirs to jointly pursue new technologies and innovations that will make a difference. Our partners often do business with other companies that operate in the same competitive markets as we do.

That's why we pride ourselves on doing business differently, moving away from traditional forms of buying/selling relationships. Pioneering new ways of doing business so we can partner to win. If you believe you can help us deliver on innovation please contact Atiqo discuss opportunities.

Capacity & Capability, Quality & Service, Innovation, Value and Responsible

At the heart of this ambition is Partner Collaboration. Partner to win is about shaping the next horizon together.

1. A unique opportunity to unlock value for Atiqo and its partners
2. A way to strengthen supplier/customer collaboration
3. An enabler to improve overall E2E operational efficiency
4. An opportunity for mutual capability building and sharing

Sustainable sourcing for suppliers

At Atiqo we have set industry leading benchmarks for responsible sourcing to deliver on our commitment to sustainable growth.c Please visit our sustainable sourcing strategy page to find out more. Atiqo intends to deliver on our commitments and help you deliver on yours. Our mandatory requirements for supply partners, along with the standards we set for ourselves, and how, by working together, we can meet our sustainability goals.

The sourcing of our agricultural raw materials is a big contributor to our environmental footprint, so working in close alliance with supplier partners who share our values and want to grow sustainable businesses with us is vital.



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