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We care about our customers.

We deliver compelling narratives, remarkable experiences, and outstanding results for our clients. Here’s a snapshot of some of the brands we are proud to work with.


Focusing on the customer.

QOLAC was founded in 2010 and has long been a reliable and stable company in an unstable world, with dedication and a deep history of using our expertise to help care for society and people.

Our purpose is to create a brighter future together with our customers across the world. Our customers range from individuals, SMEs to MNCs. We strive to make them feel confident that they are doing their best. Additionally, they should have peace of mind that they contribute towards sustainable businesses and practices.

We are committed to become the sustainable choice for our customers, because we understand that our role as a global company is not only to help our customers today, but to help them and our world adapt to the risks of tomorrow.

We endeavor to provide our customers with personalized services, expert advice and peer-to-peer information to assist them in identifying and mitigating risks – and with reliable protection and support in case something happens.

All employees have an important part to play in our quest to create a brighter future together with our customers. Regardless of our role within the company, we are all working to serve our customers. Our actions should be driven by our customers and the goal to have a positive impact towards a brighter future for society and our planet.

What does it mean for me?

In all business activities, make sure you keep the customer at the heart of what you do and promote positive customer outcomes.

Never put short-term gains over long-term success. Our company will succeed through building long term relationships with our customers and by empowering sustainable practices.

Never lose focus on the customer when driving forward innovation.

Ensuring appropriate Customer Facing Conduct

We are committed to delivering on our promises and standing up for what is right. This includes fostering behavior that puts our customers’ needs at the center of our business.